Sharlene Chiu

Senior Consultant (USA Division)

As a Senior Consultant, Sharlene is responsible for a wide range of consultancy and insight projects from strategic planning, audience engagement, exhibition evaluation, to fundraising and membership strategy.

She has a passion for understanding audiences, with a particular lens on diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. She loves taking data and turning them into actionable insights that are achievable. She takes care to understand each client’s problem and creatively solve them in collaborative and fun working sessions.  Her experience, in and outside the arts sector, will help clients unlock new possibilities and chart a path forward to take action with innovative solutions.

As a client turned consultant, Sharlene onboarded the Culture Segments TagTool at Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) and has presented on its successes at Tessitura and National Arts Marketing Project conferences. During her time at BAM, she oversaw audience surveys, CRM segmentation and strategies for deeper engagement, from building attendance for community programming to loyalty programs both free and membership based.  Before her career in the arts, she worked at her hometown NPR and PBS station, KQED, highlighting its audience reach for corporate sponsors in the San Francisco Bay Area.