In our next few e-newsletters, we’ll focus on one of the Culture Segments and their connection to nature and wildlife. This month, we’re looking at Expression and how to connect them more deeply with your work, whether you’re a wildlife attraction, nature reserve, or other cultural or heritage organisation with a renewed focus on ecology.

Overall, this segment is deeply connected to nature, and include other humans within that. Put simply, life is important to Expression. Here’s how to engage them:

Show nature is for everyone

They are community-minded, and, as such, put a high price on inclusivity. They like to be sure that everyone is welcome to enjoy the benefits of the natural world. Expression care deeply about nature and about spending time in it. They want to participate in activities that help make wildlife and nature more accessible to everyone and marketing needs to actively demonstrate a desire to welcome the widest audience possible.

Talk about the human benefits

Expression want to feel like their attendance behaviours are beneficial to the environment, but they’ll also be interested in what people gain from their time in nature. Don’t neglect the wellbeing benefits that you can offer.

Offer natural experiences that allow them to connect with others

Expression enjoy activities that help them connect with and share experiences with others, and time in nature is no different. In your marketing, show them on-site with friends and family, and translate that into your on-site experience with intergenerational activities and spaces.

Focus on this segment for giving time and money

Their connection to nature is profound, and their environmental behaviours reflect that. Expression are willing to put their money where their mouth is to support wildlife causes, and to reduce their personal environmental impact. This strong civic responsibility means a built-in predisposition to support non-profits. As such, they are one of the Culture Segments most likely to donate to organisations they care about. With volunteering, they feed off the social nature of such interactions, meeting other volunteers and the wildlife they’re helping.

Show impact through stories

Show the impact of their contribution through stories about individuals (people or animals) or communities. Statistics will do little for Expression. If you’re a wildlife attraction, use adoption or sponsorship schemes, which personify animal or species.

Play the long game on membership

Expression is the segment that wants to feel a part of something, rather than just be a visitor. They’re network people and want to be part of something bigger. They are often regarded as the ‘easiest win’ for membership as they are natural joiners. However, in some situations they may need to be regular attenders over a longer time before transitioning to members.