Telling you the story of your visitors

Our programme of year-round visitor exit surveys allows you to understand your active (or current) audiences. We call this programme Visitor 360°. We use robust, representative and reliable data to tell you who’s visiting (demographic profile), why they visited (motivations), what they did (on-site or online behaviour), and how they felt about their visit (outcomes and satisfaction). The regular insight and actionable findings we deliver will empower strategy across all departments.

Permission to be bold: Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse

With box office data and TagTool evaluation to back them up, Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse theatres are moving away from safer shows to more experimental performances.

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The Donmar Warehouse – finding an audience that leans in

The Donmar Theatre has used Culture Segments to develop an audience that leans in for its programme of Important Stories, Thrillingly Told, with dramatic effect.

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The Lightbox

Pru Shackley, Marketing and Audience Development Manager at The Lightbox, Woking describes how Culture Segments TagTool insights are being used to fuel strategy across her organisation.

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A range of products designed to help

Culture Segments

Culture Segments is a powerful psychographic segmentation tool to help you better understand and engage with your attenders and non-attenders.

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Visitor 360°

MHM’s tried and tested programme of visitor surveying goes beyond simple demographics to reveal the insight you need.

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