Smart questions paired with robust sampling makes Visitor 360° the gold standard in visitor research.

Questions that deliver real insight

The core of Visitor 360° is a visitor survey that captures full profiling information as standard: demographics, socio-economic classification, visit history, postcodes, reason for visit and satisfaction.

But our questions also go deeper: getting to the heart of what motivates your visitors to engage with you, and what they get from engaging. We also include MHM’s Culture Segments psychographic segmentation questions, giving you both a thorough understanding of your visitors’ deep-seated needs and values, and the tools to reach them.

Our standard question bank is used nationally and internationally, ensuring comparability and the ability to benchmark against your peers.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Credit: Werner Kunz.

Data you can rely on absolutely

‘Rolling’ surveys, conducted either face-to-face at the exit of your venue or accessed via QR code and completed online, are the only way to ensure validity and robustness in visitor research. Smart questions paired with our rigorous sampling and weighting processes result in data that is:

  • Representative (thanks to systematic sampling, weighting and bespoke sample frames);
  • Reliable (we clean and weight all our data so you can be sure of its accuracy);
  • Rich (the cross-tabs in our data tables allow for real depth of analysis and modelling).

Telling you the story of your visitors

As well as data, Visitor 360° delivers real insight. At MHM, we’re constantly curious about the cultural world: we’re driven by a need to explore and explain, to bring fresh perspectives and to provoke new ideas. Audiences are our no.1 interest, so we don’t just give you the ‘what’ of who’s coming (in seasonal data tables), but always explore the ‘whys’ of their visit to you too (in succinct executive reports or in-depth insight decks). We explore the findings in depth, discuss them with you, and consider what it all means in the internal context of your organisation and the external context of wider social, tourism and economic trends.

Informing organisation-wide strategy

Based on a solid foundation of consistent and comparable data, you’ll have an in-depth understanding of your visitors and their needs. This knowledge, especially when paired with Culture Segments, enables you to identify your target audiences and engage more of them more deeply with an offer that really resonates.

You can use this insight to inform decision-making across a range of departments, to set strategies for development and to evaluate the impact of any initiatives or changes you’ve made.

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