Gain deeper understanding of how your online audiences can fuel wider engagement and loyalty.

​​There’s no substitute for experiencing a live performance, any more than there is for seeing brush marks on canvas up close, or touching the stones of a castle that has witnessed so much history. We know this. But we also know that online, geographically-unlimited access to collections, ideas and performances is increasingly important for 21st-century cultural organisations, especially when it comes to widening access. We work with you to understand your online audiences and tailor your digital assets to enhance user experience, maximise online engagement and, potentially, create valuable revenue.

Tekniska – Engaging new audiences through social media

Tekniska wanted its nostalgic video game exhibition to appeal to new and old audiences alike. For the first time, they were using a social media influencer in their promotion activity.

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How young people engage with culture

The key findings and recommendations from one of the largest studies ever undertaken into how young people in England consume, create and engage with culture.

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Measuring the depth of digital engagement with your website

Is your website contributing to a deeper and longer lasting relationship with your audience? Find out how to measure the depth of digital engagement with your website.

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Culture Segments

Culture Segments is a powerful psychographic segmentation tool to help you better understand and engage with your attenders and non-attenders.

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