Psychographic segmentation is a powerful tool to help understand why people behave as they do and how they’ll engage with your offer. Use it to deepen connections with your target audiences and to focus your attention and budgets more effectively.

Segmentation splits your market into different groups to offer ‘mass personalisation’: practical, affordable, useful and usable. Whether you’re a cultural organisation, a charity or an NGO, a whole-market segmentation system can be a powerful tool: providing rich insight into the needs and motivations of your current and potential users; allowing you to identify target audiences; craft content and messaging that really resonates with them; develop products and services to meet their needs; and, in doing so, maximise audience acquisition, retention and engagement and even change customer behaviour.

Culture Segments is the psychographic segmentation system designed by MHM specifically to meet the needs of the international arts and cultural sector, but we’ve also got a proven track record of developing fully-bespoke segmentation systems for charities and heritage organisations that stand the test of time.

We’ve spent over 20 years exploring, scrutinising, classifying, defining and describing the many ways in which people engage in discretionary activity, whether that’s attending a museum, recycling food waste, or donating to a charity. We’ve learnt that it’s not demographics or patterns of behaviour that determine what people do and why. It’s their deep-seated values instead. That’s why we primarily offer psychographic segmentation solutions that, using science, art and experience in equal measure, really get to the heart of what motivates people to behave in the ways that they do. Only once you understand this can you influence their behaviour.

All our bespoke segmentation systems are different. The first step to designing one to meet your needs is to get in touch.

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