Auckland Theatre Company (ATC) has been using Culture Segments since moving to Auckland’s new ASB Waterfront Theatre in 2016.

Through Culture Segments TagTool, the theatre is constantly capturing audience members’ segments and writing this back to its CRM system. This builds a rich picture of who’s coming and tracking how well email campaigns are engaging different segments.

Targeted email marketing

Auckland Theatre Company is using the Culture Segment information in its database to create more targeted email campaigns.  Typically selecting three to four target segments for each show, the marketing team experiment with different subject lines and craft differentiated email copy. Each optimised version is designed to align the show’s benefits with the core motivations of target segments.

Higher ROI using Culture Segments TagTool

The team has found consistently higher engagement from the segmented approach. On average, over half of segmented emails are opened compared to around one-third for the generic versions sent to the rest of the database. The all-important click-through is typically three times higher for segmented versions.

Programming with audiences in mind

The Culture Segments tagged database is proving to have wider benefits for the organisation’s programming too. By drilling into the booker profile, the theatre is more accurately aligning its performances to its target audiences on an on-going basis.

The Culture Segments TagTool also enables ATC to monitor how the season programme overall is working to engage a broad range of audiences.

Differentiated subscription packages

The theatre is now using Culture Segments to design differentiated subscription packages for its next season.

The ‘design your own package’ messaging focuses on the idea of a ‘club’ to enjoy with friends for the community-minded Expression; for Essence the message acknowledges that they can’t get enough of art and positions subscriptions as a full season pass to ‘see it all’; while for Stimulation the subscription is positioned as a fun ‘design your own’ way to experiment.

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“Culture Segments has improved the effectiveness of our email campaigns in terms of open rates and engagement. We are also using this psychographic profiling tool to help shape the language and packages we offer in our annual subscription offering.”

Natasha Gordon, Marketing and Communications Manager