Sacha Wynne, Marketing Manager at Joe’s Pub in Manhattan, explains how the team targeted the Expression Culture Segment for their highly successful Friday Night Cabarets. 

Joe’s Pub is one of the venues at The Public Theater’s Astor Place site in Manhattan. It’s an independent, non-profit music venue dedicated to The Public’s mission to serve audiences and artists alike as an active member of NYC’s creative community.

An analysis of audiences for all The Public Theater’s venues identified Expression as a key target Culture Segment for Joe’s Pub.

Joe’s Pub’s marketing team applied targeting designed for the Expression segment to its third annual Friday Night Cabaret performance in July 2019. The night was part of a series of free events hosted by Joe’s Pub in Astor Place Plaza. 

Marketing Manager, Sacha Wynne, explains: 

“July’s Friday Night Cabaret featured Toshi Reagon & GOODFolk performing a Pete Seeger Sing-a-Long, in honor of what would’ve been Pete Seeger’s 100th birthday. It represented a huge opportunity to apply what we learned from our June event (Make Music New York, where Culture Segments was first applied) and from your counsel.

We made some Expression-led tweaks to the language on our signage, updated the way-finding signage from our June event, and, in lieu of show- or institution-specific promotional assets, worked with our designers to create a double-sided songbook/commemorative poster that we gave away for free.

It was a resounding success, with a jam-packed plaza and an abundance of great energy! This was my 8th free Astor Place event, over three summers, and it was by far the most successful.  It felt different in the best way. 

Our series will wrap up in September, with Astor Alive!  We’ll continue to apply what we are learning, and will further tweak our Expression messaging to bring more people to Joe’s Pub (and our artists).”  

MHM has been working with The Public Theater since 2017 and the team have just implemented Culture Segments into their Tessitura database to begin differentiated targeting.