MHM co-founder, Andrew McIntyre, has published three think pieces to support cultural institutions and their audiences during the Coronavirus crisis. 

In Culture in Lockdown Part 1: We can do digital, can we do strategy? Andrew argues that the phenomenal effort we’re all putting into giving audiences access to our digital content needs to be re-framed as a series of radical experiments that can make our post-Covid organisations far more audience-focused. Read it  here

In Culture in Lockdown Part 2: The 7 pillars of audience-focus Andrew says what we do next is going to shape the sector for the next decade. He distinguishes between product-focused, marketing-focused and audience-focused organisations and shares the framework for how cultural organisations can re-cast plans to ensure audiences are at the heart of every re-opening strategy. Read it  here.

In Culture in Lockdown Part 3Covid Audience Mindsets, Andrew shares a crucial new model that maps, illuminates and segments your post-lockdown audiences. He offers unique insights into how the Culture Segments have engaged during lockdown, how they see their future with digital content and their mindsets towards re-opening. Read it  here.