Fuel’s quick-fire response to freelancers in crisis

As the financial ramifications of the Covid crisis became clear, the England’s performing arts sector scrambled to help the industry’s struggling freelancers. 

In April 2020, initiated by Fuel theatre in London, some 150 sponsor organisations signed an open letter announcing a new national Freelance Task Force, which promised its members solidarity, representation, connections and some financial support.

After the crisis, time to reflect

Six months after its launch, Fuel asked MHM to evaluate the Task Force’s success in delivering those promises.

Given the speed in which the Task Force had been created, we were also to look for where improvements could have been made to how it was set up and run. 

Our evaluation report, which is available in full on the Fuel website below, is derived from the testimonies of hundreds of Task Force members, non-members and sponsor organisation. We used a variety of on-line and off-line methods to ensure diverse voices had access to the evaluation process.

Our findings show clear successes, with significant evidence to support a second iteration of the Task Force.  

Taking hope from the solidarity that was present at the beginning of the process. The opportunity to lead discussions about the future and how to make things better.

FTF freelancer

We have also been able to provide a raft of practical and strategic recommendations for future iterations of the Task Force that will maximise the scheme’s benefits and avoid repeating mis-steps.

Read the full evaluation report and recommendations.

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