During the Pandemic, cultural organisations have been forced to do things differently, to rethink their relationships with their audiences and challenge their assumptions of what’s important to them.

In response, we’ve seen an explosion of creativity and experimentation from the performing arts, museums and art gallery exhibitions and others. As a sector, we’ve rapidly evolved from dumping collections online to creating bespoke cultural offers that embrace the restrictions forced upon us.

But how to tell if your hard work is paying off — and why (or why not) your creative experiments worked? How can arts organisations learn, build and improve?

Evaluation is sometimes viewed as a box-ticking exercise but, if approached in the right way, it can be rocket fuel for future improvement.

At MHM we’ve seen a big increase in evaluation briefs but not every idea needs, or has the budget for, a full-scale third-party evaluation project.

If your organisation is planning to evaluate your creative projects in-house, here are MHM’s top tips to get the most out of your efforts.

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