Where it all began…

Clients often ask us whether we can segment their audience while letting the respondent know which Culture Segment they fall into. While Culture Segments might be exciting to us, the reality is that no one wants to hear they’ve just been put into a marketing segment. The fact that this segment also has nothing to do with the place they’re visiting only serves to add an additional layer of confusion.

Instead, we created Culture Segment personality quizzes which allow organisations to segment their audiences in a way which is fun and engaging for the respondent.

Customising segments for your organisation

The first stage in creating a Culture Segment personality quiz is to match each of our segments up with something more relevant to the organisation. For a theatre, this might be characters from a play, or for a natural history museum, it might be stand out animals or exhibits from the collection.

It’s important to think about the fundamental values, ideas and motivations at the core of each segment – how might these line up with one of the characters, or animals? For example, Stimulation love the new and unexpected and gravitate towards experiences which are exciting and out of the ordinary. So perhaps Stimulation’s character is Bassiano from Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice  – an adventurous youth who lives for the moment. Maybe their animal is the GloFish, a recently developed species of fluorescent fish – unexpected, cutting edge and absolutely out of the ordinary!

Composing copy and extra survey questions

Once the matches for each of the Segments have been decided, it’s time to write some copy for the respondent to see at the end of the quiz. This takes the form of a few sentences which explain the segment’s values and motivations, while also linking them to the character, animal or other match. 

The blurb might look something like this: 

‘You pride yourself on being ahead of the curve and knowing about all the new trends, which is why you’re a perfect match for the GloFish – the USA’s first genetically modified pet which glows in the dark! You are excited by discovery and the unexpected and you love anything out of the ordinary. GloFish are certainly unique and represent a truly exciting example of marine biology research. You are also highly social just like GloFish who love to be in a tank amongst friends – for you there’s nothing better than getting together with your friends and having a great time!’

To make the survey a little more exciting for the respondent, we also add in two to three ‘dummy’ questions, which add flavour but don’t contribute to the segmentation algorithm. For a heritage organisation these questions might be about travelling back in time, or for a natural history museum, they might be about animals and the natural world. For example:

These questions are opportunities to further immerse visitors into your organisation’s world whether it be learning more about the past or the natural world.   

Grow your engagement

In the past, personality surveys have been implemented by organisations for a variety of reasons. They can be used simply to gather valuable segmentation data on audiences, or a few key visit experience questions can be added to provide further insight. They can also be used to drive newsletter sign-ups, or to increase engagement on social media.

The Roman Baths created a buzz with their Roman Gods quiz, which not only directed traffic to their website and social media, but more importantly created lasting relationships as participants stayed in touch as they joined their mailing list.

Regardless of whether you’d like to gain some crucial insight into your audience, or gain email list sign-ups, Culture Segment personality quizzes are a fun way to engage your visitors and build lasting relationships.

If you’d like to talk to us about how a Culture Segment personality quiz can strengthen engagement with your visitors, please contact us at mhmbd@mhminsight.com