Nishi Sockalingam

Research Assistant

Appointed as Research Assistant in April 2024, Nishi is keen to take on the range of projects and clients that MHM engages with year-on-year.

Reading Philosophy and Politics at Lancaster University, Nishi garnered interest in varying cultural ideologies, layered social identity and moral psychology. Appointed as Research Intern at the university, Nishi scoped projects for the development of a research collective on South Asia. Mapping institutional interests Nishi has had exposure to a wide range of research and data analysis methods.

Nishi garnered interest in the cultural and arts sector when managing her events and entertainment company. Dedicated to facilitating organisations to actualise their causes, Nishi’s interest in the arts and cause-led initiatives was fuelled further when working in community outreach at a theatre.

Most recently, Nishi completed an internship under a writer/director, shadowing the script development of a BFI feature film in the making, gaining exposure in wider research development.

Belonging to the culture segment essence, outside the office Nishi can be found discovering a new and obscure film, play or book.