Debbie Spence


Debbie is a Director at Morris Hargreaves McIntyre. She loves working at the intersection of brands, arts, culture, technology, places, and people.

With a background in management consultancy, she has partnered with organisations such as the BBC, Discovery Networks Europe, the National Portrait Gallery, and Tate, pioneering Human-Centred Design before it was a thing.

Originally from Manchester, Debbie has worked and lived across the globe, including Australia, Taiwan, London, and Qatar, where she orchestrated top-tier brand strategies and experiences alongside dynamic teams.

Armed with a BSc (Hons) in Psychology, a marketing certificate from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, and IDEO design thinking facilitator certification, Debbie is committed to prioritising people and the planet in decision-making, ensuring genuine human needs and insights are at the core of business decisions.

She should never be left alone with cheese or Scotch and will consider defriending anyone who puts pineapple on their pizza.