Andrew McIntyre


Andrew’s endlessly curious about how and why people engage with culture. No surprise, then, that he’s in the Stimulation Culture Segment. This fascination led him to establish the world’s first audience research group which, a decade later, formed the bedrock of the award-winning strategic insight agency Morris Hargreaves McIntyre (MHM).

The founding of MHM was a clear recognition that insight alone is not enough: it’s policy and strategy that drive real change. So MHM works on policy and strategy with the most forward-thinking museums, galleries, heritage and cultural organisations worldwide, helping them to become truly vision led and audience focused.

Andrew’s team devised Culture Segments, the first segmentation system based on deep-seated cultural values and beliefs, now used in 15 countries. He’s the creator of the 7 Pillars of Audience-focus and the Spectrum of Audience Engagement, both major contributions to museum policy development. Andrew has served as Chair of the Visitor Studies Group UK and teaches and lectures widely.