Chris Terry-Enescu

Quantitative Research Manager

With a varied background in the quantitative social sciences, Chris brings to MHM a strong instinct for where data and insight meet.

Prior to his time at MHM, Chris has worked as a researcher and analyst for a political campaign group, managing databases in Brussels for a communications consultancy, spent time in academia and has done freelance work with political polling companies.

This background has given him frequent exposure to survey and advanced quantitative methodologies, but he is also used to thinking about these methods in a social context.

During his time at MHM Chris has helped run a 11,000 sample nationally representative sample of the United States for the Smithsonian. He has also ran a visitor’s survey of 43 sites for English Heritage and has become MHM’s internal methodological expert in the Gulf region.

In his spare time, Chris likes to swim, read up on global politics and explore his local area.