Robin Hoffmann

Senior Consultant (Analytics & Innovation)

Robin brings a systematic and scientific approach to data programming and analysis. He drills into the data, questioning its accuracy at all stages and identifying new ways of interpreting the statistics.

Robin’s background in maths gives him a thorough understanding of survey design and sampling. His programming skills and logical style of thinking result in imaginative and accurate data analysis.

Robin is a segmentation expert, having done his Masters dissertation on segmentation techniques, and his data mining has helped create segmentation systems for National Trust, Southbank and Actionaid. He used the same skills to segment the wider market for arts and culture into Morris Hargreaves McIntyre’s Culture Segments system.

Prior to joining Morris Hargreaves McIntyre, Robin studied for a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Manchester University and an MSc in Advanced Control and Systems Engineering at UMIST. Robin has been mountain biking for many years including working as a guide in the Sierra Nevada mountains in southern Spain. He’s also recently started climbing, and designing and building loudspeakers