Shaleem Ahmed-Chowdhury

Quantitative Researcher

Shaleem adores the challenge of solving a problem; utilising an analytical and data-driven approach sharpened from my academic background in biological sciences, combined with an aptitude for creative and lateral thinking. The years Prior to joining Morris Hargreaves McIntyre, Shaleem could be found travelling and working through Europe to deeply immerse himself in culture, tradition and people. He loves listening, and asking probing and insightful questions, to really get down to the bare mechanics of human behaviour and thought.

Outside the office, you’ll probably find him reading with a coffee in hand, writing fictional stories or outdoors shooting photography. He also likes to create music on his laptop and attend gigs or festival whenever he gets the chance too. And if he had a secret ability it would have to be… walking: walks through nature, walks through the city or walks up a hillside; anywhere he gets to stretch his legs!