Hopefully Culture Segments TagTool is already helping you transmit more relevant messages that are inspiring recipients to respond – increasing your return on investment and filling your seats.

But, you know, all of us at some point have a show that isn’t doing the business it needs to, and we are still convinced it is worth the effort. This is where people are using Culture Segments TagTool to identify who on their database may be worth an additional push to persuade them to go.

Who has booked to date?

Your most obvious first course of action is to check existing bookers for the show. Are any segments more dominant than usual? If, for example, 15% of those tagged on your database are Affirmation but so far this show’s bookers have been 25% Affirmation, it would suggest you should adapt your usual Culture Segments marketing strategy to focus on this group.

Use Willingness to Follow to target risk-takers

Is this going to be a really great show, but isn’t yet attracting sales because people aren’t familiar with it? Your database will tell you which people are more likely to take a chance on unknown quantities because they trust your recommendation.

You need to find the people on your database with a higher Willingness to Follow score (one of the Brand Equity data points). You can then target them with segment-specific messages. Make clear that you don’t want them to miss out just because the show or cast is less familiar – you’re confident it is going to be great and you want to recommend they take a punt on this one. 

You don’t want to squander this though. These are people who say they trust you to recommend for them, so you mustn’t erode their faith in you by flogging something you are not convinced will really deliver.

Top tip:

Stimulation aren’t interested in tried and tested, so you can actually make a virtue of the unknown: ‘You won’t have seen anything quite like this before’ or ‘If you fancy seeing something a little different this could be right up your street’.