Audience Atlas Saudi Arabia 2023

In July 2023, Morris Hargreaves McIntyre undertook a new comprehensive study of cultural engagement in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in collaboration with the Saudi Museums Commission. We are delighted to share the results of this study in this report: Audience Atlas Saudi Arabia.

This report maps the market’s past, recent and future propensity to engage with a wide range of art forms, leisure activities, and cultural organisations, with a particular focus on museums.

It also explores their attitudes, media habits and decision-making processes for engaging with culture and introduces Culture Segments as a powerful psychographic segmentation system for encouraging greater engagement with arts and culture across the Kingdom.


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      What is the Audience Atlas?

      Audience Atlas a sector-specific tool developed by Morris Hargreaves McIntyre, providing a comprehensive overview of the cultural audiences for a geographical region. We have provided large-scale, robust and representative surveys of cultural audiences in over 20 countries or regions to date.In July 2023, we undertook a new comprehensive study of cultural engagement in our Audience Atlas Saudi Arabia.

      The Audience Atlas identifies and explores the market for culture in terms of:


      Audience Atlas data gives robust, real-number estimates of the size of the current and potential markets for each named organisation in an Audience Atlas survey.


      Audience Atlases are fully representative, giving you reliable data on market demographics, motivations and spend.


      MHM’s psychographic Culture Segments system is embedded within each Audience Atlas, adding real depth to the data and breaking down each individual artform market by Culture Segment.


      Culture Segments gives you rich insight into how to reach your audiences more effectively and engage them more deeply

      A robust and representative evidence base

      The Audience Atlas Saudi Arabia is one of the projects that the Saudi Museums Commission (SMC) commissioned Morris Hargreaves McIntyre (MHM) to deliver as part of a multi-year and multi-project consultancy programme to better understand the market for culture in Saudi Arabia – not just for museums, but for the benefit of the national culture sector.

      Robust and representative

      The Audience Atlas Saudi Arabia is based on surveys with 3005 respondents aged 15+ across the Kingdom. The data is nationally-and regionally- representative of the adult population across Saudi Arabia.

      Rich and relevant

      The Audience Atlas looks beyond recent engagement to include past and future markets, mapping motivations rather than behaviours, and covering a wide range of artforms which map against the 11 Ministry of Culture Commissions and over a hundred named organisations.

      Powerful and practical

      We not only define the active cultural markets that are easiest to reach, but dig deeper to provide detailed audience insights that identify future markets to better inform strategic decision-making and guide organisations towards sustainable audience growth.


      Data for this Audience Atlas was collected in July and August 2023 to give as accurate and recent a picture of cultural activity across Saudi Arabia as possible. The insight is updatable with future replicated studies to track how the picture changes as time goes on and as your strategies start to take effect

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