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Who are they?

For Stimulation, ‘do something different’ is a maxim for life. They are all about big ideas and are looking for something out of the ordinary. Stimulation are independent-minded, but they’re also aware of how they’re perceived by others. They are happy to stand out from the crowd if it shows them to be ahead of the curve. Early adopters, they don’t need things to have a proven track record before they get involved: they like to be the one making the discoveries rather than following the crowd. They’re not opposed to popular shows or big-name blockbusters, but the real mainstream is probably already passé.

What role does culture play for them?

For Stimulation, engaging with arts, culture and heritage can be a challenging, cerebral experience. It’s about big ideas: historical, political, societal or cultural. But they want to explore these ideas with their friends with a beer in hand. Ultimately, they want to be moved emotionally, challenged intellectually, and consume culture socially.

What do they get out of it?

Stimulation are looking for new perspectives – either something they’ve never seen before, so something that’s familiar but seen from a different angle. Rule-breaking can be irresistible. They like colliding things that don’t go together for a different take on things or an experience that’s unusual.

Stimulation are looking to be surprised and amazed, whether that’s by big-crowd sparkle and spectacle or by the intimacy of a special – even transgressive – experience: behind the scenes, a secret passage, secrets that not everyone knows.

What influences their choices?

Stimulation enjoy marketing as an artform in its own right. If it’s clever, beautiful, or tech-y, and hits the right note, they’ll share it with everyone. But if it hits the wrong notes, they’ll also share it with everyone. Marketing needs to highlight the hook, the twist, that makes it incredible and different. But no spoilers please – don’t give too much away. Spark their interest but the “reveal” should happen during the visit.

Stimulation typically has a lower attention threshold than other segments, and they can be distracted by something newer or shinier on the horizon. However, brands they think keep things interesting can develop relationships with Stimulation. Membership that doubles as a pass into new and extraordinary experiences may increase the loyalty of an otherwise promiscuous segment.

If they don’t attend?

This naturally curious, adventurous segment are always on the lookout for new and extraordinary experiences. They are open to most artforms but will need their attention grabbed by a compelling suggestion that this experience will be unexpectedly good. A new venue should simply invite them before everyone else catches on.

For existing or established cultural or heritage organisations, a clear articulation of what makes the experience special and a strong, confident brand is needed. Their attention can always be captured by doing something different. Stimulation like it to be after dark, on the roof or in the basement, starting at 10 o’clock. Do something that makes them reconsider you.

Meet the Segments


ESSENCE are core cultural visitors: discerning, confident, independent and arts-essential.

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EXPRESSION are people people: committed, generous, creative and community minded.

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AFFIRMATION like to do the right thing: they’re diligent, cautious and spend their time well.

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ENRICHMENT see the present through the past: heritage, tradition, narrative and nostalgia.

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PERSPECTIVE are happy in their own bubble: settled, self-sufficient, focused and contented.

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RELEASE feel time poor: busy, prioritising, ambitious but seeking escape.

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ENTERTAINMENT are looking for fun: leisure opportunities that are mainstream and popular.

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