Covid safe visitor research at British Museum

As part of the British Museum's preparations for reopening in 2020 post-lockdown, MHM carried out evaluations on their practice with methods that eliminated face-to-face research but still provided high-quality data collection and insight.

Optimizing the impact of exhibition planning

For museums everywhere, the need to think strategically about upcoming exhibitions has never been more acute. If your organisation is looking to conduct a formative audience evaluation for an upcoming exhibition, read here for an introduction to MHM’s strategic exhibition mapping.

Becoming a 21st century visitor attraction

As part of our work on the Arts Marketing Association's 21st Century Visitor Attractions programme, we created a one-page Audience Engagement Plan, designed to help cultural and heritage organisations become more audience-focused, resilient and successful.

Future-proofing culture

Do you need help with refining your statement of vision for your organisations future? Read here to see the questions you should be asking to ensure you know what your 'survival plans' are and how they can be improved.

Consulting audiences on complex conversations

Over the last few years we’ve seen the cultural sector increasingly embrace difficult conversations. If you are struggling to breach a sensitive or contested subject with your audiences, read some helpful advice from our team here.

Cultural organisations as agents of environmental change

Many of MHM's culture and heritage clients have been looking to move along the spectrum of engagement from voices of authority towards a model of co-creation with respective communities. Here are 5 tips for your organisation that we have gathered from our recent research around engaging with community sustainability.

Arts and culture, the prescription for wellbeing

Our research during the pandemic has made it more evident than ever that arts and culture is key outlet for personal enrichment for a large percentage of the UK population. See how some of our clients have been embracing social prescribing and wellness in their programmes here.