Great audience engagement during the pandemic

While the pandemic has pushed us into a time of uncertainty, we've simultaneously witnessed outbreaks of creativity and resourcefulness from cultural organizations worldwide. Here are a few excellent examples from our clients that really struck a chord with us.

Five tips to get the most from your in-house evaluation

During the Pandemic, cultural organisations have been forced to do things differently, to rethink their relationships with their audiences and challenge their assumptions of what’s important to them. If your organisation is planning to evaluate your creative projects in-house, here are MHM's top tips to get the most out of your efforts.

Evaluating the Freelance Task Force

In late 2020, MHM was asked to evaluate the success of the Freelance Task Force for Fuel Theatre in London. Using the testimonies of Task Force Members, non-members and sponsor organisations, we were able to show the clear successes of the Force and make strategic recommendations for its future iterations.

Insight: Donmar Warehouse

During the pandemic, The Donmar Warehouse experimented with new ways to continue telling their stories virtually. To support them, MHM was asked to evaluate these experiences from the audiences' perceptive. This research proved crucial for helping the Donmar brand adapt to the pandemic and support potential funding bids and programme planning.

Four reopening insights from Audience Atlas DC

MHM’s Washington DC Audience Atlas report, published in February 2021, focuses heavily on how the pandemic is affecting people’s cultural habits, motivations and future intentions. Read four actionable insights, download the report and watch our webinar.

Building audience focus into M+

In 2021, MHM engaged with Hong Kong's M+ museum to help support their audience-focused journey and direction. Read here about the working relationship between M+ and MHM.

What audiences want on reopening

Our research over the course of the pandemic has given us a clear understanding of what audiences want from cultural venues on reopening. Here you can read about our 5 most striking takeaways.

A roadmap for membership renewal

In comparison to pre-pandemic, membership renewals for many organisations are down due to declining visitor numbers and access to sites. Here, MHM's Cause-led Director Guy Turton discusses our Membership Proposition Maps which have helped many of our clients combat this issue and refine their retention strategies.

Audience-focused reopening campaigns

Our international research on audiences during the pandemic shows people are hoping to get a range of emotions and outcomes from their early encounters back in ‘real life’ culture. Here you will find some great examples of organisations that are clearly demonstrating they will be offering these experiences once we’re all back on the inside.