Closing the intention to action gap

About a quarter of people in the UK believe their own households should be doing much more for the environment. So, what’s stopping them? In the first of our series on how understanding mindsets is key to bringing about behaviour change, we look at how intention can be nudged towards action.

What does ‘culture’ mean to you?

Bradford 2025, the organisation presenting UK City of Culture, asked us to find out how people relate to the idea of culture. Our research uncovered some interesting and surprising themes.

Culture Segments and environmental messaging

How can museums create effective and meaningful environmental messaging without generating feelings of helplessness or even fear among their audience? Here are three inspiring examples of successful positive messaging

Audience Atlas Boston

In August 2023, an arts museum in Boston commissioned a new iteration of our 2018 Audience Atlas Boston study to understand how the cultural landscape of Boston has changed post-pandemic. Here are our key findings.