Engaging younger audiences

How do we engage younger audiences? This is a question organisations often ask themselves – and don’t always arrive at a clear answer. In the first of our three part series, our consultant, Laura Karban, draws on our research to unpack ways to understand this cohort – and, crucially, how to connect with and engage them.

Places of Respite? Libraries and Museums as Warm Spaces

The ongoing cost-of-living crisis, exacerbated by recent increases to gas and electricity bills, has encouraged many institutions to reconsider the services they can or should provide to patrons. Across the UK, many museums and libraries are responding to the present crisis by increasing their role as places of respite and opening as warm spaces. Given... View Article

How many people does it take to make a focus group?

This is a question we hear often. The rules are much clearer with quantitative data – where we can look at confidence intervals and apply quotas and weighting where needed to ensure we’ve got a robust and representative sample. But we often find people become nervous around qualitative data. And we understand why – we... View Article