Founded in 1874, 92Y is a non-profit community and cultural centre, which connects people at every stage of life to the worlds of education, the arts, health and wellness and Jewish life.

More than 300,000 people visit 92Y’s New York City venue annually, and millions more engage through its broadcast and digital media presence. 92Y is a proudly Jewish organisation that welcomes people of all backgrounds and perspectives.

The challenge

92Y wanted to move to a values-based psychographic approach to understanding their market and developing their patron base. Ultimately, they wanted to encourage deeper audience engagement, have greater cross-over between the different programmes on offer, increase efficiency and effectiveness, and drive revenue.

The approach

We used an e-survey to their bookers database to form a comprehensive picture of 92Y’s audience and establish the distribution and current levels of engagement of each of the Culture Segments. We then mapped this against our Audience Atlas New York dataset, which provides detailed information about the wider cultural market in New York.

The results were revelatory. The Essence, Expression and Enrichment segments all featured much more strongly in 92Y’s audience compared to the New York market overall.

The results were revelatory. The Essence, Expression and Enrichment segments all featured much more strongly in 92Y’s audience compared to the New York market overall.

However, 92Y’s marketing was more typical of Stimulation-targeted campaign. In other words, their marketing was targeting the wrong market. As a result of our work, 92Y underwent a complete shift in their approach.

Focus on Expression: Giving Tuesday at 92Y

To celebrate their 140th birthday, 92Y created the worldwide Giving Tuesday. This was a major fundraising campaign for the venue and offered a chance to test the power of Culture Segments when trying to connect with potential donors.

Expression is the segment most likely to donate so 92Y’s Giving Tuesday campaign focused in on its strong Expression audience. Visitors were encouraged to share their stories and feelings about the centre, which became part of the birthday celebrations.

The fundraising campaign focused on the sense of community building – a key driver for Expression – and highlighted the line ‘Powered by 92Y & You’.

Targets surpassed

Potential donors were targeted via email subscribers in Tessitura and across social media platforms most used by Expression. The results of Giving Tuesday surpassed expectations.

The differentiated campaign delivered a strong response. Among the donors, Expression was, as expected, the largest segment. Expression also far outstripped other segments in the amount of money they raised for 92Y.



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