“If I wanted to do something ‘immersive’ I’d have a bath.”

Essence audience member, Donmar Warehouse

Many marketing teams make the mistake of writing copy for themselves, not their audience. What sounds brilliant to you (and the segment you’re in) may not quite hit the mark with the people most likely to connect with your offer or the people you want to attract more of. 

It’s easy to tailor your content to resonate with your chosen Culture Segments and doing so could dramatically increase your engagement rates. Over the years we’ve built up a knowledge bank of the words, phrases and ideas that switch members of different culture segments on, waking them up to what you want them to hear.

How to do it yourself:

  • Have a look at our pen portraits to get an idea of what each Segment is most likely to respond to. 
  • Read our case studies from the Donmar Warehouse and RNCM on how Culture Segments transformed the impact of their marketing copy.   

Need help? 

  • Ask about our Copywriting module on the Culture Segments Curriculum!

The Donmar Warehouse – finding an audience that leans in

The Donmar Theatre has used Culture Segments to develop an audience that leans in for its programme of Important Stories, Thrillingly Told, with dramatic effect.

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Royal Northern College of Music

Early music was not, historically, an easy sell for RNCM. But, by using Culture Segments- tailored messaging delivered directly to their segmented Tessitura database, the marketing team significantly increased engagement and ticket sales.

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Culture Segments Curriculum 

Culture Segments Curriculum is a growing programme designed to empower the international community of Culture Segments users to apply insights across their organisations.

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