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We work with museums, heritage, arts and cultural groups to develop their audiences and themselves. By understanding the regional context, we work side-by-side with our clients prioritising legacy, skills development, and empowerment at the same time as sharing our vast knowledge of best practice.

“We help world-changing organisations to create new ways forward.”

Jo Hargreaves, Director

Whole-market study

Audience Atlas offers a unique way of understanding the culture market in your geographic area to support the development of strategies from realistic target setting and growing audiences to deepening engagement.

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Proposition and concept testing

We’re adept at rigorously testing all stages of exhibition development, from detailed exploration of people’s responses to early concepts to sizing and profiling a proposition’s potential market.

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Onsite visitor research

Visitor 360˚ is a proven programme of onsite rolling research that paints a comprehensive picture of your active audience. However, the real power of these studies is that they are a dynamic, growing dataset that tracks trends over time.

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Psychographic segmentation

Culture Segments is our sector-specific segmentation, which clusters people based on deep-seated values. Providing you with insight into what motivates visitors and how to develop audiences.



Introducing Culture Segments

Supporting organisations with…

Audience development: how to engage audiences

Brand strategies: leading with your brand

Market appraisal: who will visit and how many?

Audience development: how to engage audiences

Designing experiences: for deeper engagement

Building loyalty: pricing and membership strategies

Exhibition Evaluations: design to meet multiple needs

Evaluation Frameworks: evaluate your impact

Visitor Journey Mapping: the best experience for all

F&B & Retail testing: winning hearts and spend

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Audience Atlas New York 2021

In November 2021 we published the latest insights from our large-scale study of New York audiences: Audience Atlas. Watch our webinar, read the report and find out about the whole market for the New York metropolitan area, including those who aren't yet cultural attenders but could be persuaded to do so.

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Building audience focus into M+

In 2021, MHM engaged with Hong Kong's M+ museum to help support their audience-focused journey and direction. Read here about the working relationship between M+ and MHM.

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Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art Visitor 360°

How MHM has helped QAGOMA to better understand their audience through Visitor 360° research, as well as a series of bespoke projects such as exhibition evaluations, formative studies and an in-depth study exploring QAGOMA’s market using Culture Segments.

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