In each newsletter we’ll focus on one of the Culture Segments and their connection to nature and wildlife. This month we’re looking at Essence and how to connect them more deeply with your work, whether you’re a wildlife attraction, nature reserve, or other cultural or heritage organisation with a renewed focus on ecology.seeking natural experiences through organisations with integrity

Overall, Essence is the most eco-active of the segments, driven by a sense of responsibility to contribute. Here’s how to engage them:

Offer organic experiences

For Essence, nature has its own bells and whistles. Any that you try and provide will detract from their connection, not enhance it. They don’t need star species, fun facts or trails: they just want to be immersed in the natural world.

Do your bit

The most crucial thing you can do to engage Essence is to be the change you’re advocating for. As Essence are so active they want to see others doing the same: they want to see what you’re doing to play your part.

Demonstrate how they can take action further

Essence are environmental trailblazers. If Essence have faith in your integrity as a pro-environmental organisation, they’ll listen to what you have to say. But you’ll need to be saying something new – show them the next level of eco-behaviour – something they’ve not thought of before.

Focus on independent contribution

This segment are more likely to carry out a whole range of pro-environmental behaviours; but they’re particularly big on behaviours that they can carry out on their own: in their own homes and in their purchasing power. Reinforce what Essence already believe: that their personal actions make a difference.