We’re trying to create a venue for an audience who might find even the word ‘museum’ off-putting…[MHM’s] insight has informed absolutely everything we’ve done.

Kerry Vasiliou, Learning and Engagement Manager, Blackpool Showtown

You might be an established cultural organisation wanting to increase your market penetration and attract more visitors. Equally, you might want to expand your market and attract new, different and more diverse visitors. Or you might have secured funding for a brand-new museum, or a major redevelopment project, and want to make sure there’s a market for your offer. Either way, you’ll need robust, representative and reliable real-number estimates of the size and demographic profile of your potential market, together with rich insights into what motivates your audiences to engage with culture and what barriers might prevent them from attending, and actionable strategies for reaching and engaging them. We offer market appraisals, market segmentation and rich, funding-compliant audience development plans to help you engage more audiences, more deeply, with your offer.

Audience Atlas

Audience Atlas whole-market studies define the culture market in your geographic area, support realistic target setting and identify your potential markets.

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Audience development plans

Who to target, how to reach them, and how to evaluate success.

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Reach and communicate efficiently and effectively with your market by clustering them into groups with shared characteristics.

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Affordable Art Fair – Embedding Culture Segments

The Affordable Art Fair is a global operation. Not only are they successfully targeting new audiences through Culture Segments, they have effectively embedded Culture Segments thinking across the whole organisation. Here’s how they’ve done it.

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First Light at Jodrell Bank

The project will provide a place of inspiration for young people and their families, showcasing not only the emergence of the new science of radio astronomy, but also the stories of resilience, determination, cooperation and the entrepreneurial spirit that brought it into being.

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Blackpool Museum Project wins £4m HLF funding

Blackpool Council has secured £4 million from the National Lottery Heritage Fund for the development of the Blackpool Museum Project. This is this final piece in a £13 million funding jigsaw that will see the project become a reality.

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