The Curriculum is delivered through interactive training sessions that will give your staff the skills, techniques and confidence to apply Culture Segments insights into their day-to-day work, resulting in increased audience focus and stronger audience relationships.


Tailored, interactive training sessions

Every team in a cultural organisation can make targeted and strategic decisions based on Culture Segments. From front-of-house to membership, to retail, catering, to public programmes – each department affects the overall visitor experience, so it’s crucial that staff across your whole organisation feel equipped to contribute. 

Culture Segments Curriculum can help your team tweak the way you present all areas of your work. Each session is a highly interactive workshop, filled with exercises and group work, designed to generate actionable, useful strategies and tools that participants can use in their jobs going forward. You can sign up for one session at a time, or the whole course.

We want the outcome of the session to be a fully-engaged team who can understand and champion your target segments’ needs across your organisation.

Sessions can be delivered both online or in person, and start from £800 + expenses.

Culture Segments Curriculum sessions we offer

Introducing Culture Segments

A great way to jump start your journey or refresh your Culture Segments knowledge, this session will introduce the ins and outs of each segment and how to apply these insights to your organisation.

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Copywriting for the segments

This session will provide you essential tips and tricks for creating compelling copy that speaks to each of your target segments effectively.

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Membership marketing for the segments

Learn how to tailor your membership packages and communications to build engagement and loyalty among your target segments.

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Digital engagement

This session will show you how to optimise each segments' experience of your online offer.

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Frontline service optimisation

Bring together audience-facing staff to explore how to embed Culture Segments insights into the complete visit journey, from beginning to end.

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Experience and design

Learn to craft impactful experiences with your target segments in mind, maximising engagement, learning and connection to the stories you hope to tell.

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    We offer training to use Culture Segments in your programming and product development, your services, your brand and your communications. Ultimately, we can build completely bespoke Culture Segment profiles for your organisation. If you want to fully understand your existing audiences and to reach out to new ones, you need Culture Segments.