Learn how to speak to your target segments most effectively

Different audiences require different approaches. The copy that will speak to one person powerfully may not focus on the personal benefits prized by another. Culture Segments can help you craft communications that differ sufficiently in both tone and content to really resonate with each target segment; catching their attention and drawing them in.

The session will help participants write in a more natural, convincing style. We will tackle the age-old challenge of how to avoid using the same tired words, phrases and clichés, and instead get to the heart of what matters to your specific target Culture Segments. This session will result in increased confidence among all participants that they can create copy that speaks to each of your segments.

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    Introducing Culture Segments

    A great way to jump start your journey or refresh your Culture Segments knowledge, this session will introduce the ins and outs of each segment and how to apply these insights to your organisation.

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    Membership marketing for the segments

    Learn how to tailor your membership packages and communications to build engagement and loyalty among your target segments.

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    Experience and design

    Learn to craft impactful experiences with your target segments in mind, maximising engagement, learning and connection to the stories you hope to tell.

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