Introducing Culture Segments

Perfect for members who are new to Culture Segments as well as anyone who could do with a refresher or an inspiring boost. We introduce participants to the psychographic nature of Culture Segments and answer any commonly (or uncommonly) asked questions about the approach we take.

We give a thorough introduction to each of the eight segments: what makes them tick, what kinds of outcomes are they looking for, what aspects of their visit do they value, and what kind of marketing do they respond to? We workshop how your organisation might already be appealing to each of the segments, and use this as the basis to introduce you to what might end up being your target segments.

A range of workshop exercises will be designed to help you walk a mile in the segments’ shoes and consider your organisation from each segment’s perspective. We also encourage each workshop participant to segment themselves online, to help them recognise how they might relate to and differ from your target segments.

We want the outcome of the session to be a fully-engaged team who can understand and champion your target segments’ needs across your organisation.

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