Speaking to the heart of those who support you

Understanding the needs and drivers of the different Culture Segments allows you to build loyalty, moving members along a value chain to relationships even more valuable to the organisation, such as donors and patrons.

We outline the differences between the transactional and emotional benefits audiences seek when becoming members of a cultural organisation. We explore these differences through the lens of Culture Segments: what’s the likelihood of each of the segments becoming members; what do they value about membership; and what types of relationship are they seeking with you? We’ll also walk through a value chain model that can help you create specific membership strategies for the Culture Segments.

Workshop participants will leave feeling empowered to tailor membership packages for your organisation’s target Culture Segments, having identified the audiences most likely to join you on this collective endeavour.

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    Introducing Culture Segments

    A great way to jump start your journey or refresh your Culture Segments knowledge, this session will introduce the ins and outs of each segment and how to apply these insights to your organisation.

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    Copywriting for the segments

    This session will provide you essential tips and tricks for creating compelling copy that speaks to each of your target segments effectively.

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    Frontline service optimisation

    Bring together audience-facing staff to explore how to embed Culture Segments insights into the complete visit journey, from beginning to end.

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