Vision-led, outcome focused evaluation frameworks

MHM has pioneered a mode of evaluation which is rigorous, creative and highly-effective. Our approach helps us to clearly connect the vision, aims and activities to the outputs and outcomes (short, medium and long-term) that you want to achieve, and to identify the methods through which you can capture the evidence.

The process will culminate in a three-page evaluation framework which will comprise a one-page strategy tree, a one-page theory of change model and a one-page methodology matrix. These are deceptively simple documents, managing to convey complex program and methodology information in a highly-visual and easy-to-understand way, ensuring that the evaluation is both highly strategic while also being totally practical.

14-18 NOW: We’re here because we’re here

How do you evaluate something that has never been done before? This was the challenge that 14-18 NOW posed with ‘We’re here because we’re here’, a modern memorial performed throughout the UK on 1 July 2016 to commemorate the centenary of the Battle of the Somme.

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Fevered Sleep – Men & Girls Dance

Men & Girls Dance - a collaboration between male professional dancers and girls who dance for fun - was about far more than simply putting on a performance. MHM’s 360° approach to evaluation ensured Fevered Sleep understood exactly how they had achieved their vision.

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Evaluating the National Trust’s Green Academies

The National Trust’s pilot Green Academies Project engaged with over 10,000 young people to develop their connection to nature and provide them with skills to protect their natural environment. MHM’s role was to evaluate the scheme’s success from the perspectives of the young people involved, the Trust’s staff and community partners, and to determine to what extent it delivered on the Trust’s aims.

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Concept & proposition testing

We're experts at sizing, profiling and analysing the potential market for your proposition.

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Exhibition testing & strategy

Our holistic approach to formative and summative exhibition evaluation provides visitor insights that underpin solid strategies for success.

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