The audience has the answers. We help you find the right questions to ask.

Public consultations on difficult, divisive or potentially controversial topics (for example the interpretation and display of contested artworks or heritage) are becoming increasingly common.

We embrace public audience consultation as an opportunity to talk, to debate, to engage more people with culture or heritage, and to use art, as it has so often been used, to spark ideas, to open eyes, and to challenge thinking.

As an organisation, we believe in knowledge, in authority, in curatorial expertise. We believe that it is a cultural organisation’s vision that matters most. But we also profoundly believe in the multiplicity of stories to be told and in the plurality of voices to tell them. We believe in listening when we are told things. We believe in asking the audience. We are adept at finding the right questions to ask, framing the debate, ensuring all voices are heard, and embracing the positives.

Using appropriate methods, we facilitate conversations with your different audience groups and stakeholders to ensure that the decisions you make are made with their needs and sensibilities in mind.

Colston Hall – what’s in a name?

For years, Colston Hall was a lightning rod for disquiet over the city’s continued celebration of its slave trading past. It needed a brand strategy, fuelled by audience insight, that would assure Bristolians it was the progressive arts organisation it believed itself to be.

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How young people engage with culture

The key findings and recommendations from one of the largest studies ever undertaken into how young people in England consume, create and engage with culture.

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The Donmar Warehouse – finding an audience that leans in

The Donmar Theatre has used Culture Segments to develop an audience that leans in for its programme of Important Stories, Thrillingly Told, with dramatic effect.

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Concept & proposition testing

We're experts at sizing, profiling and analysing the potential market for your proposition.

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Engaging new audiences

Go beyond your ‘usual suspects’ to understand your potential for growth, attract new visitors, and reach different audiences.

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Culture Segments

Culture Segments is a powerful psychographic segmentation tool to help you better understand and engage with your attenders and non-attenders.

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