Finding out what your audiences think about you.

Your brand is your organisation’s DNA. It stands for your principles, ethos and beliefs; your personality, attitudes and character; how you behave; and what you promise to deliver. A strong brand will invite audiences to affiliate with you and build relationships that drive behavioural change.

However, building and maintaining a strong brand requires work, and understanding how your audience is perceiving this brand requires careful research and robust data. As brand experts, MHM can deliver a host of qualitative and quantitative methods to help you understand your audience’s ‘brand affinity’; how your brand is being perceived, and how close your audience feels to it. This process can help us start to close ‘brand gaps’ – areas where you aren’t quite living up to your promise.

Colston Hall – what’s in a name?

For years, Colston Hall was a lightning rod for disquiet over the city’s continued celebration of its slave trading past. It needed a brand strategy, fuelled by audience insight, that would assure Bristolians it was the progressive arts organisation it believed itself to be.

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Shakespeare’s Globe award-winning rebrand

The Globe's own teams were unable to imagine a common cause so it was no surprise the wider market was unclear what it stood for. Through organisation-wide consultation we were able to articulate a unifying brand and find an important new audience for their work.

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Articulating National Theatre of Scotland’s brand

National Theatre of Scotland is audacious, ambitious and embracing. Their values fit perfectly with Stimulation but, we discovered, people in this Culture Segment weren't aware of the scale, diversity and innovation in National Theatre of Scotland’s work.

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