What is your promise to your supporters? What relationship do you offer – and could you be making assumptions about their motivations that limit your ability to build loyalty, long-term?

As the world of charitable giving faces ever-increasing demands, insight on your donors can provide invaluable tools for relationship building. By understanding your supporters’ motivations, perceptions and deep-seated values, you can create programmes that will deepen engagement with your supporters, whether it be through offering their time, money or advocacy.

We have considerable experience helping cultural, heritage and charitable organisations better articulate their cause, by testing propositions, pricing levels or increments of giving, and crafting messaging that resonates with and inspires key audience segments to give their support.

How we can help

Membership strategy

Get to the heart of what motivates members to join, donate and engage more deeply year after year.

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Supporter research

A targeted approach to build the supporter journey.

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Bridging the membership gap for Glyndebourne

Members of Glyndebourne Opera’s discounted Under 30s scheme weren’t graduating to the full scheme. They asked us to find out how best they could engage with 30 to 45-year-olds, win them as Associate Members and establish a life-long relationship.

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Building connections – Must-see Museums free membership

We’ve really embraced Culture Segments...The insights and framework they provide for communicating with audiences has been invaluable in the success of our Must-see Museums membership scheme.

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The London Library membership strategy

The London Library needed to reverse its declining membership - but the risks of getting it wrong were great. MHM’s membership research gave actionable insight on how the Library could  attract new members without cannibalising existing support.

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Meet our expert

Guy Turton is an influential thought leader on audiences, especially in the museum, heritage and visual arts sectors. Guy leads MHM’s Cause-led and Leisure division, driving forward our work with non-profits. He is a specialist in visitor behaviour, whole-of-market segmentation systems, branding, digital engagement, interpretation, programming, fundraising and membership. Get in touch with Guy today to see how he can help you reach your membership or donation goals.

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