MHM were an invaluable part of our re-branding process, leading us through highly engaging workshops, helping us to better understand the essence of what we now call “RSNO-ness

Jane Donald, Director of External Relations, RSNO

Brand is not always about logos, graphic design or image. A brand is holistic: it is about who you are, your story, your DNA. Brands tell stories about provenance, invite audiences to affiliate, and build relationships. In short, a brand is a promise.

Successful brands are those that are able to clearly articulate this promise – and successfully deliver on it – each and every time someone comes into contact with it. Your brand is communicated through everything you do and by all those who represent you. It also underpins everything you do: it is a fundamental building block and a guiding principle in your development; giving greater clarity, coherence and focus to your activities and strategic development.

Our consultancy program involves a series of collaborative all-staff and one-on-one workshops that explore and articulate your brand from an internal perspective in order to create your own unique brand model.

Shakespeare’s Globe award-winning rebrand

The Globe's own teams were unable to imagine a common cause so it was no surprise the wider market was unclear what it stood for. Through organisation-wide consultation we were able to articulate a unifying brand and find an important new audience for their work.

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Articulating National Theatre of Scotland’s brand

National Theatre of Scotland is audacious, ambitious and embracing. Their values fit perfectly with Stimulation but, we discovered, people in this Culture Segment weren't aware of the scale, diversity and innovation in National Theatre of Scotland’s work.

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Glyndebourne’s lockdown lessons

In normal years, Glyndebourne delivers performances to some 150,000 people. With lockdown forcing the cancellation of its 2020 season, we asked its Director of Audience Development and Media how Glydebourne was pivoting its offer and what lockdown had taught the team about both their audiences and their organisation.

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A range of products designed to help

Brand affinity

Finding out what your audiences think about you.

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Cause and vision

Cutting-edge strategic change coaching programmes for 21st Century arts organisations.

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Other solutions that can work

Culture Segments

Culture Segments is a powerful psychographic segmentation tool to help you better understand and engage with your attenders and non-attenders.

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Market studies

Get robust assessments of the full size, profile and motivations of your potential market.

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