Remove the guesswork from important strategic investment decisions. We provide accurate data on the size of your market and valuable insight on how you can reach your full potential.

We offer bespoke quantitative surveys of your whole market that establish awareness of your offer (who’s heard of you), your market penetration (who’s visited you already), and your market potential (who’s open to visiting you in the future). Our robust and representative sampling and data weighting mean that we provide you with reliable real-number estimates of the size of your current, lapsed and potential markets – essential for making informed and successful short-, medium-, and long-term decisions on audience development strategies and investment.

Does the data reveal that you’re an organisation with a large lapsed audience that has a problem retaining visitors, for example? Do locals feel they have been there and done that? You may need to think about retention and reactivation first and foremost. These strategies would be quite different for an organisation with low brand awareness, who should focus primarily on profile-raising. MHM’s market study data removes the guesswork from these important strategic decisions and helps you make evidence-based investment decisions. For new venues, such as the V&A East and V&A Dundee, our accurate projections of visitor numbers are very often instrumental in securing high-profile national funds.

We also profile your audience using standard socio-demographic and geo-demographic metrics, and including a segmentation system means you’ll gain in-depth insights into your different audience groups’ motivations and preferences. We also explore audiences’ perceptions of your brand and offer, and pinpoint any barriers to attendance.

Finding an audience for The Postal Museum

In 2016, The Postal Museum was an unknown concept and with a limited launch budget. Working with MHM and Culture Segments, they devised an award-winning, targeted marketing strategy that smashed ticket sales targets.

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Helping Chester Zoo Islands maximise its market potential

Our market analysis for Chester Zoo’s £40m attraction, Islands, found a surprising source of potential visitors and fuelled the Zoo’s hugely successful marketing strategy.

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English craft market quadruples in 16 years

2020 study shows craft has entered the mainstream with three quarters of the population of England now in the market.

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A range of products designed to help

Audience Atlas

Audience Atlas whole-market studies define the culture market in your geographic area, support realistic target setting and identify your potential markets.

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Culture Segments

Culture Segments is a powerful psychographic segmentation tool to help you better understand and engage with your attenders and non-attenders.

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