A targeted approach to build the supporter journey.

In the ever-increasingly competitive culture and charities markets, it is important to maximise effectiveness by taking a more targeted approach to supporter retention and income growth. MHM will work with you to develop differentiated campaigns designed to meet the needs of different supporter groups, and help to deepen the emotional engagement that supporters have with you by building trust and brand alignment. By demonstrating the impact that their support makes, you’ll be able to move supporters through their journey with you, resulting in further commitment and investment – emotional, financial and advocatory.

National Trust staff and volunteers surveys

MHM’s staff and volunteer surveys for the National Trust have provided insights that touch almost every area of its work. The results have helped drive staff engagement and satisfaction, contributed to improved customer service and instigated positive change across the organisation.

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The challenge for philanthropy in the arts

During and post-pandemic, our donor research has highlighted a pattern in how potential supporters see cultural organizations within the wider charitable landscape. Understanding these donor mindsets is vital if the arts sector is to create long-term fundraising strategies that resonate with audiences.

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Membership: the crucial first year

There are fewer hotter topics for cultural and non-profit organisations right now than membership. We’ve seen increasing focus on membership over the past 5-10 years as institutions look to be less reliant on state funding, individual donors and sponsors. But there is one fundamental truth: Year 1 is critical.

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A range of products designed to help

Membership strategy

Get to the heart of what motivates members to join, donate and engage more deeply year after year.

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Culture Segments

Culture Segments is a powerful psychographic segmentation tool to help you better understand and engage with your attenders and non-attenders.

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