This iteration of Audience Atlas Aotearoa couldn’t come at a more important time for New Zealand’s cultural sector as it adapts to the realities of the pandemic and beyond.

Helen Khoey, Senior Advisor, Creative New Zealand

Questions that deliver real insight

MHM’s Audience Atlases are comprehensive population studies of those in the market for culture. They explore levels and potential for cultural engagement, profiling past, recent, and future propensity to engage with a wide range of artforms, leisure activities and cultural organisations.

We have delivered large-scale, robust and representative Audience Atlas surveys in over 20 countries, helping cultural and heritage institutions to size, profile, segment and engage their current and potential markets.

  • SIZE: Audience Atlas data gives robust, real- number estimates of the size of the current and potential markets for each named organisation in an Audience Atlas survey.
  • PROFILE: Audience Atlases are fully representative, giving you reliable data on market demographics, motivations and spend.
  • SEGMENT: MHM’s psychographic Culture Segments system is embedded within each Audience Atlas, adding real depth to the data and breaking down each individual artform market by Culture Segment.
  • ENGAGE: Culture Segments gives you rich insight into how to reach your audiences more effectively and engage them more deeply.

Sizing the market for culture

Each Audience Atlas is a targeted online survey of the adult population of any given nation or region. It accurately determines the current (or active), lapsed, and potential market sizes for different art forms and genres; including, for example, heritage attractions, museums, galleries, classical music, contemporary dance and cinema (among many others).

Specific data for specific organisations

Each Audience Atlas survey also asks questions about interest in and attendance at a range of named arts and cultural organisations in that area. For each named organisation, we can establish market awareness (who’s heard of you), market penetration (who’s visited you), and market potential (who’s likely to engage with you in the future). We can also provide comparator data on awareness and attendance with a range of peer organisations.

Case studies featuring this product

Audience Atlas Aotearoa (New Zealand)

A major study of New Zealanders’ cultural habits and preferences has revealed both significant challenges and huge opportunity for audience and organisational development in New Zealand. Watch the three deep dive webinars and download the full, free report and smaller summary sections.

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Four reopening insights from Audience Atlas DC

MHM’s Washington DC Audience Atlas report, published in February 2021, focuses heavily on how the pandemic is affecting people’s cultural habits, motivations and future intentions. Read four actionable insights, download the report and watch our webinar.

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Audience Atlas New York 2021

In November 2021 we published the latest insights from our large-scale study of New York audiences: Audience Atlas. Watch our webinar, read the report and find out about the whole market for the New York metropolitan area, including those who aren't yet cultural attenders but could be persuaded to do so.

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