MHM’s staff and volunteer surveys for the National Trust have provided insights that touch almost every area of its work. The results have helped drive staff engagement and satisfaction, contributed to improved customer service and instigated positive change across the organisation.  

MHM works with organisations big and small to bring them closer to their staff and volunteers. We design bespoke surveys that get to the heart of what their people are thinking.

The volunteer survey

One of our longest partnerships in this area has been with the National Trust in England and Wales. Our volunteer survey reports give the National Trust strategically insightful evaluations translated into practical action points. 

We’ve scaled the potential market for volunteers, assessed new management schemes, investigated volunteers’ relationships with the National Trust cause, and looked into the merits of its internship scheme. 

The online survey ensures volunteers’ anonymity is protected at all times; working with an external company like MHM gives respondents additional confidence in this process. In our first year of managing the project, the sample increased by over 3,500 to 20,000 respondents. 

Finding meaning in such a sea of data can be challenging. We measure our success by how effectively we distil the data into strategic analysis. Rather than just delivering a batch of reports, we present insight that continually changes the shape of the 60,000 volunteer workforce. 

The staff survey

Our staff survey for the National Trust is more of a census, with up to 80% of employees taking part. 

We track responses on a daily basis and provide progress reports to each Directorate and Department. We provide detailed strategic analysis that helps the Trust understand staff satisfaction levels and flag emerging issues – even at an individual level – to help the Trust sustain its reputation as one of the best places to work in the UK.