Culture Segments

Who are they?

Enrichment tend to be lovers of history with a respect for the past. They are strongly independently minded and exert their right to be cautious. They tend to have established tastes and habits and know what they will enjoy. Fad and fashion hold no seduction. It is not that new things hold no worth, but Enrichment will look for the thread that links them to what went before

When it comes to art and culture Enrichment veer towards things they believe to be important, have stood the test of time and command respect. They like things that talk about our identity – who we are, where we’re from.

What role does culture play for them?

Art and culture can often be aligned with Enrichment’s interests. They have reverence for the past and a value of heritage. For them, learning the origins of something heightens its worth and is enriching. They enjoy making sense of the world, and appreciate how the heritage of things helps us understand how we got here. Enrichment love to learn more about the areas they’re interest in. Cultural visits offer pleasant escapism as well as greater fulfilment within their lives.

What do they get out of it?

The Enrichment segment comes for personal enjoyment and learning. They appreciate institutions populated by experts. They like a single expert voice or curator and interpretation that can enrich their understanding. They are less likely themselves to want an interactive, participatory experience where they are invited to choose between multiple perspectives on history – instead preferring to learn from you the definitive version of events or a conclusive analysis of an artwork.

Enrichment are drawn to arts and cultural experiences that connect with existing interests. While they don’t all-out reject change, they also believe we shouldn’t jettison everything we once cherished, so enjoy escapism and nostalgia.

What influences their choices?

Enrichment are inherently suspicious of gimmicks or anything that appears to be flimsy, lightweight or capricious. They don’t like the idea that marketing will trick them or manipulate them into buying something. Instead they look for plain English information that supports the quality of the product.

Due to their cautious nature, anything that can lower risk will pay off. Try before you buy, clips, excerpts and thorough information will reassure them. They are also price sensitive and often assess value for their money and want to know exactly what they’re investing in.

Building relationships with them

Enrichment are not looking to broaden their horizons and will remain loyal to the organisations that feel most relevant to them. Membership too is a route to closer engagement by providing increased value – either monetary or through additional, rewarding expert opinion and information.

If they don't attend?

Depending on your offer, Enrichment may be underrepresented in your audiences. This segment are likely to have a small number of organisations they know to cater to their needs. Their caution also makes them less frequent attenders than some of the more prolific segments and they have lower levels of secondary spend. So while some may enjoy loyalty they may have lower net worth.

Reaching the non-attending Enrichment will be all about convincing them of your personal relevance to them. Overtly showing them the unbroken thread of history that connects things. Risk will be mitigated by providing details of what to expect, any clips or try before you buy opportunities available and introductory offers.

Meet the Segments


ESSENCE are core cultural visitors: discerning, confident, independent and arts-essential.

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EXPRESSION are people people: committed, generous, creative and community minded.

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STIMULATION love big ideas: they’re active, social, experimental thrill seekers.

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AFFIRMATION like to do the right thing: they’re diligent, cautious and spend their time well.

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PERSPECTIVE are happy in their own bubble: settled, self-sufficient, focused and contented.

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RELEASE feel time poor: busy, prioritising, ambitious but seeking escape.

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ENTERTAINMENT are looking for fun: leisure opportunities that are mainstream and popular.

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