We were amazed to see how accurately each patron represented their own Culture Segment.

Senior Marketing Manager, Symphony Space

There’s a story often told about President John F Kennedy’s first visit to NASA headquarters in 1961. While touring the facility, Kennedy introduced himself to a caretaker who was mopping the floor. He asked him what he did at NASA and the caretaker replied ‘I’m helping put a man on the moon’.

Within our organisations, we all have different roles to play, but our collective role is welcoming our guests and shaping an amazing experience and everyone’s contribution is equally important. Front of house, box office, security, catering and all customer-facing staff are a critical part of your story and let’s face it, the ones who have the most face to face contact with your customers.

Our Frontline Service session ensures that all those audience-facing staff who do such fantastic and crucial jobs are given the insights that other departments benefit from so they can be paying attention to the needs of your priority Culture Segments every step of the way.

This workshop enables all your customer-facing teams to walk a mile in the shoes of your priority target segments. This means they can use their expert skills at looking after your visitors by understanding their sought outcomes and considering how they can create the most appropriate ambience, welcome service approach.

They can consider any additional features and services to add to the experience and this will provide the critical common language for talking about audiences between planners, programmers, marketers, front-of-house and catering.

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  • Ask about our Frontline Service session on the Culture Segments Curriculum!

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