Culture Segments provides a deep insight to understand audiences and in turn helps retail to identify what products we should be buying to target different audiences.

Kristin Perrett, Retail Operations Manager, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki

Whether you’re thinking of opening a new retail space or improving the performance of your current operation, Culture Segments can be utilised to help maximise income and build stronger brand relationships. From designing products with specific segments in mind, creating the right environment or retail marketing – Culture Segments insights give you focus in making decisions. While some segments want the perfect souvenir to remind them of the experience, others only buy when it helps them get deeper engagement. What audiences want from retail is closely linked to what motivates them to visit in the first place.

For example, through commissioning MHM to carry out formative exhibition testing and conduct simple in-house qualitative research, Auckland Art Gallery were able to match up suitable products with the Culture Segments most likely to attend specific shows, something that’s proven particularly useful for temporary exhibition ranges.

AAG has used its knowledge of Culture Segments to inform product range and development and shape its retail offer. The Gallery thought ‘outside the box’ when planning its product range processes as well as considering a range of purchase needs and motivations by Culture Segment. These changes positively supported commercial sustainability.

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Find out how Auckland Art Gallery increased its turnover by 20% using Culture Segments.

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