The Roman Gods quiz gave our social media a real uplift. We were blown away by the amount of people who had completed it, far more than any other surveys – including ones with incentives attached.

Heritage Marketing Manager, Roman Baths

Use of the internet, and social media, is pretty consistent across all eight Culture Segments. But while platform isn’t hugely important, differentiating content and messaging is vital.

Principles that apply to Culture Segments copywriting clearly apply on digital platforms in terms of language, tone of voice and information. But interactivity, design and shareability are also critical success factors when it comes to optimising a segment-led online experience.

Looking for inspiration? 

  • Read our case study from the Roman Baths on how their hugely successful online quiz: Which Roman God am I? effectively segmented their supporter base while offering engaging new content for digital audiences.

Need help? 

  • Ask about our Digital Engagement module on the Culture Segments Curriculum!

Roman Baths – Culture Segments online quiz

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