Culture Segments is a psychographic system, meaning it goes beyond demographics and behavioural patterns to uncover the deep-seated values that are fundamental to the decision-making processes of cultural consumers. As such, it provides a rich and reliable basis upon which to build strategy in audience development, programming, communications, membership, fundraising, retail and more – transforming cultural organisations’ audience engagement.

Maximize your potential

We only use 10 Golden Questions to identify an individual’s Culture Segment. These questions are built into MHM’s surveys, giving you a full segment profile of your potential audiences and real-number estimates of the size of each segment in the market. You can easily see where the potential for growth lies.

You can read more about the tools for doing this here.

Identify target segments

Expression and Entertainment, say, might be two of the biggest segments in the general culture market in your area, but that doesn’t mean they’re the right fit to be your target segments. As well as looking at market size, we also look at each segment’s affinity with and interest in your brand and offer to identify priorities and future focus areas.

You can read more about how we do this here.

Enhance your comms

When you know the segments you should target for growth, reactivation or reacquisition, you’ll need strategies to do just that. Enhanced marketing and communications will be an important building block of those strategies. Knowing what motivates your target segments to engage with culture, heritage and your organisation in particular gives you the tools and insight you need to phrase and position messages that will draw your target segments in and build engagement.

Develop your offer

Culture Segments isn’t just for your marketing team. Content, interpretation, programming, education, retail: all this can be as tailored to the needs of your target segments as email send-outs and posters on the Tube. Differentiated content and offers will meet the needs your visitors are seeking to fulfil, deepening their engagement with your purpose, vision and values.

Build relationships

An engaged audience will be willing to go on a journey with you – whatever the direction, and whatever the risk. If you want to increase your donations or fundraising ask, for example, or introduce a brand-new strand of programming or events, or set up a new membership scheme, then your engaged audiences will be with you every step of the way.

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